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Adventures in Navarre Beach Florida


The Zoghby Family Beach Vacation this year took us to Navarre Beach Florida! As a girl who grew up in FLA, I was skeptical of a beach town in the panhandle, but was pleasantly surprised with how warm the water was and how lucky we got with the weather. We had a large group, 13 family members… finding a single vacation home that would accommodate all of us was super tricky… luckily we found a giant house through Destin Luxury Real estate!

The Sandcastle, although not entirely ideal suited our family’s needs for the trip and proved to be a great house for the week! Situated at the perfect beach location, far enough from the resorts at the head of the island not to be too crowded… The limitations of the house were quickly dealt with and we had a wonderful time riding around on beach cruisers, eating delicious food and being generally lazy.

I would highly recommend renting beach cruisers from Sandy Bottoms on the beach, and definitely check out the super fun beach bar on the pier… it’s just the right amount of dive.


Navarre Beach





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