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Jack’s Punch: Newsies Under the Influence

jacks punch

Yet another installment of Broadway Libations…

Disney has a way with marketing… we all know that… but as I was sipping Jack’s Punch at our broadway viewing of Newsies from my comemorative alcohol filled sippy cup, I couldn’t help but think to myself..”Disney, you’ve done it again.”

For those not familiar with the premise of Newsies, a band of newspaper boys circa 1890 find themselves struggling under the gluttony of the newspaper industry. Under the leadership of Jack, a rough-and-tumble newsie, the boys fight back against the “machine”.

I can understand how one could find it so easy to be influenced by such a delctible combination of sweetness and punch.

Jack’s Punch

2 oz Malibu coconut rum

2 oz Strawberry Pucker

1/2 oz Grenadine

Lemon/Lime soda

cherry for garnish

Combine Malibu, Strawberry Pucker and Grenadine over ice. Top with Soda, garnish with cherry.

Enjoy with your friends while singing about overcoming oppression and tap dancing.


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