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Cinderella on Broadway: A Review

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For starters, when we set out to see the new production of Cinderella on Broadway, we heard that the show was dreadful… But we thought to ourselves, how bad could it really be? I mean, it’s Cinderella! So, we bought tickets (and you should too by visiting their website) and avoided reading more reviews before we saw the show.

When we arrived at The Broadway Theatre we felt immediately transported to someplace magical. The interior is the perfect spot for a princess themed show. The lobby was lush and gilded with grand mirrors and huge chandeliers. Either end of the main lobby was flanked by a huge gold staircase where at any moment you may expect to see a beautiful woman in a sparkling gown descending.

The show itself was absolutely magical! The acting and singing were perfect and exactly what you would expect from a Broadway musical. Our favorite parts were the onstage costume changes! Cinderella’s rags magically change into a giant gown! Their costume designer is a serious genius.

cinderella costume

The primary complaints from critics were unrelated to the talent of the cast or the music, but mostly the adjustments made to the story. In this stage version, Cinderella befriends a step-sister, and she has way more confidence than her Disney counterpart. There is additional character development for the sisters as well as the King and Prince Charming. The dialogue is witty and smart and often Cinderella’s character verges on witty more than naive. I felt that all of the changes modernized the story and made it fresh for new and old audiences to enjoy. I give this show five stars!


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